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Learn more about our expertise in sharing and investigating the stories of climate disaster survivors.

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Project Members

Our team includes climate scientists, journalists, psychologists, social workers, public administration scholars, and climate disaster survivors.

A headshot of Sean Holman.

Sean Holman

Sean is the Wayne Crookes Professor of Environmental and Climate Journalism at the University of Victoria in Canada. Before entering academia, Sean was a documentarian and award-winning investigative journalist. His research focuses on how we use and misuse information against the backdrop of climate change and democratic decline.

Trish Audette-Longo

Trish is an Assistant Professor of Journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. She covered the environment, politics and crime beats for the Edmonton Journal and managed digital engagement for Canada’s National Observer. Her research interests include alternative journalism and media, climate change, and petroculture studies.
A headshot of Paola Banchero.

Paola Banchero

Paola is a Professor of Journalism and Public Communications at the University of Alaska Anchorage in the United States. She worked as a reporter and editor at the Kansas City Star, the Kansas City Business Journal, the Wichita Eagle, the Arizona Daily Star, and the Anchorage Daily News.
A headshot of Dale Bass.

Dale Bass

Dale is a city councillor in Kamloops, Canada and former chair of the Canadian Association of Journalists. Her forty-five-year career in journalism included serving as a senior editor at the London Free Press and an associate editor at Kamloops This Week.
A headshot of Tim Black.

Tim Black

Tim is an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Victoria in Canada who specializes in post-traumatic stress disorder and group counselling approaches. He is the co-founder and lead researcher of the Wounded Warriors Couples Overcoming PTSD Every Day program.

Erica Bulman

Erica is a journalist, newsroom leader, and instructor at Langara College who's reported both in Canada and internationally. In 2018, she led the launch of the Star Vancouver. Erica was also a European roving correspondent for The Associated Press's UN bureau, editor-in-chief for 24 hours Vancouver, and spearheaded the Olympic News Service for the Vancouver 2010 games.
A headshot of Aldyn Chwelos.

Aldyn Chwelos

Aldyn is a journalist whose writing has appeared in Canadian Geographic, Hakai Magazine, and The Tyee. A former full stack developer, they've contributed to community-designed tech projects.
A headshot of Terra Ciolfe.

Terra Ciolfe

Terra is a Professor of Journalism at Humber College. She is a data journalist, having worked for The Globe and Mail, CBC, Maclean’s, and The Canadian Press.
Profile shot of Jennifer Chrumka

Jennifer Chrumka

Jennifer is a journalism instructor at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, B.C. She’s an award-winning journalist with CBC radio where she’s produced long-form documentaries for The Current, The Sunday Magazine and Unreserved. She’s also a freelance writer and has been published in The Globe and Mail, The Tyee and on the CBC website.
A headshot of Tom Doig.

Tom Doig

Tom Doig is a Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Queensland in Australia. He is an award-winning creative non-fiction author and investigative journalist who has written two books about the unprecedented 2014 Hazelwood mine fire disaster, Hazelwood and The Coal Face.
A headshot of Patricia Elliott.

Patricia Elliott

Patricia is a Distinguished Professor of Investigative and Community Journalism at First Nations University of Canada. She has been repeatedly honoured for her outstanding investigative journalism. Her research interest includes alternative and community-based media. Patricia also has a background in web development, and is an Open Access proponent.
A headshot of Sandra Engstrom.

Sandra Engstrom

Sandra is a Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Stirling in Scotland. Her research centres on community resilience as well as the role of social work in combating the climate crisis, such as the emotionality of climate change. Engstrom is co-lead of the Extreme Events research group.
A headshot of Sonya Fatah.

Sonya Fatah

Sonya is an Assistant Professor of Journalism at Toronto Metropolitan University. She is the founder of stitched!, a research, teaching and practice lab at The Creative School focused on the development and expansion of community-based live journalism models. She was an international reporter, covering South Asia for Canadian and U.S. publications.
A headshot of Francesca Fionda.

Francesca Fionda

Francesca is The Narwhal's mining reporter, as well as an Adjunct Professor of Journalism at the University of British Columbia in Canada. She was awarded the first ever Lieutenant Governor’s BC Journalism Fellowship for an in-depth project looking at the challenges of people who have been evacuated because of climate disasters.
A headshot of Damien Gillis.

Damien Gillis

Damien is a documentary filmmaker, media producer, and journalist. He co-directed and produced the feature documentary Fractured Land, as well as producing the immersive dome projection films Sanctuary: The Dakota Bear Ancient Forest Experience. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Tyee, and The Narwhal.
A headshot of Caroline Graham.

Caroline Graham

Caroline is a Lecturer in Digital Journalism at the University of Queensland in Australia. She is an award-winning investigative journalist who specialises in narrative non-fiction storytelling. She is the co-author of the Australian bestseller Larrimah and the podcast series Lost in Larrimah, which won a Walkley Award.
Olivia profile shot.

Olivia Grandy

Olivia is a journalist and research assistant at Carleton University who explores the intersections of climate, gender, health and politics in her writing. Her work has been featured in the Charlatan, Carleton University’s independent student newspaper, and she was awarded the Marisa Ann Golini Memorial Scholarship in recognition of her investigative reporting skills.

Julia Kidder

Julia is a doctoral student at the University of British Columbia in Canada where she is studying coastal adaptation and indigenous governance. She has been published in The Guardian, the Globe and Mail, and VICE. Together with Lo Fi Dance Theory, Julia has created films, panel discussions, installations, and performances.
A headshot of Lara King.

Lara King

Lara is a program coordinator and Professor of Journalism at Humber College in Toronto, Canada. She teaches long form, research and data journalism and design. Her teaching has turned out award-winning projects and publications, including the Canadian Association of Journalists Data Journalism Award for a national tainted water investigation.
A headshot of David Leach.

David Leach

David is a Professor of Writing and Director of the Digital Storytelling & Social Simulation Lab at the University of Victoria in Canada. He is a former magazine editor and author of Fatal Tide and Chasing Utopia. David teaches courses in creative nonfiction, interactive narrative, and memory and the creativity process.
A headshot of Mark Leiren-Young.

Mark Leiren-Young

Mark is an Adjunct Professor of Writing at the University of Victoria in Canada. He is a playwright, author, journalist, screenwriter, filmmaker, and performer. He hosts the Skaana podcast and interviews experts from around the world on eco-ethics, protecting oceans, and marine life, with a focus on whales.
A headshot of Steve Lillebuen.

Steve Lillebuen

Steve is an Assistant Professor of Journalism at MacEwan University in Canada. He was an Australian Associated Press reporter and chief staff, a Canadian Press reporter, a Edmonton Journal staff writer, and a digital journalist for The Age. His research interests include literary journalism, media ethics, and true crime.
A headshot of Edith Loring-Kuhanga.

Edith Loring-Kuhanga

Edith is from the House of Gwininitxw, Gitxsan Nation and was school administrator of the Stein Valley Nlakapamux School in Canada. She served as a trustee for School District 61 for six years where she championed suicide prevention programs and requiring graduates to take a course in residential school history.

Phil McLachlan

Phil is a photojournalist whose past clients include Reuters, AFP, IndigiNews, and The Discourse. He has been nominated and won in the categories of photojournalism, community reporting and news coverage in the Canadian Online Publishing Awards, the Jack Webster Awards, and the Canadian Community Newspaper Awards.

Bala Nikku

Bala is an Associate Professor of Education and Social Work at Thompson Rivers University in Canada. He has worked in grassroots social work practice, research and teaching in India, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand and UK. His research interests include disaster and green social work and community resilience futures.
A headshot of Pippa Norman.

Pippa Norman

Pippa is an environment reporter who writes solutions-centred stories about the impact of climate change. She has written for the Globe and Mail, the National Observer, and Glacier Media. Her work has been nominated for a CAJ and NNA award. Pippa was an editor at The Charlatan, Carleton University’s independent student newspaper.
A headshot of Jen Osborne.

Jen Osborne

Jen is a photographer and videographer who has published and exhibited internationally. Her career started in 2007 at Fabrica’s COLORS Magazine and her work has appeared in Maclean’s, Stern, The Sunday Times, GQ, Mother Jones, Vice, Esquire, Vanity Fair Italy, The Globe and Mail, and The New York Times.
A headshot of Neil Ever Osborne.

Neil Ever Osborne

Neil is an Assistant Professor at Trent University in the School of the Environment. His research examines climate change communication and environmental storytelling efficacy as a means to foster a more sustainable and equitable world where our collective well-being is at heart.
A headshot of Janice Paskey.

Janice Paskey

Janice is an Associate Professor of Journalism at Mount Royal University in Canada. She was past editor of Calgary’s Avenue magazine, as well as the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Canadian correspondent. Her research interests include environmental regulatory offences, student publishing, and health journalism.
A headshot of Darren Schuettler.

Darren Schuettler

Darren is a former Reuters journalist who worked in leadership roles at the international news agency for 26 years. This included stints as Southern Africa deputy bureau chief, Thailand bureau chief and Asia training editor. He is now a training consultant with the Thomson Reuters Foundation in Singapore.
A headshot of Tracy Sherlock.

Tracy Sherlock

Tracy is a journalism instructor at Kwantlen University in Canada who has written for The New York Times, the Vancouver Courier, Canada’s National Observer, and the Vancouver Sun. She has received the Jack Webster Award and a citation of merit for the Michener Award.
A headshot of Patti Sonntag.

Patti Sonntag

Patti is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Writing at the University of Victoria in Canada. An award-winning investigative journalist and producer, she founded the Institute for Investigative Journalism at Concordia University. Prior, she was a managing editor in The New York Times’ News Services division for 10 years.
A headshot of Michelle Superle.

Michelle Superle

Michelle is an Associate Professor of English at the University of the Fraser Valley in Canada. Her research interests include the connection between people, animals, and the environment. Superle’s Flood Stories Project invited farmers affected by the 2021 Southern British Columbia flooding to share their experiences in spoken, written, and artistic formats.
A headshot of Terra Tailleur.

Terra Tailleur

Terra is an Assistant Professor of Journalism at the University of King’s College in Canada where she’s editor of the award-winning news site The Signal. A former Canadian Broadcasting Corp. journalist, she spent nearly 20 years in newsrooms, including two years above the Arctic Circle crafting news reports and documentaries.
A headshot of Lisa Taylor.

Lisa Taylor

Lisa is an Associate Professor of Journalism at Toronto Metropolitan University in Canada. A former lawyer and Canadian Broadcasting Corp. journalist, her research interests include state impediments to journalists’ freedom of expression and access to information.
Profile shot of Jimmy Thompson

Jimmy Thompson

Jimmy is a Victoria, BC-based journalist and journalism teacher working in print, audio and video, and specializing in stories about how communities interact with their environments. His work has been published in all of Canada’s national newspapers, plus others including The Guardian, The Walrus, The Narwhal and CBC.
A headshot of Jhesset Thrina Enano.

Jhesset Thrina Enano

Jhesset is a freelance environmental and climate journalist based in Manila, Philippines whose stories and photos have been published in The Washington Post, National Geographic, Al Jazeera English, and the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Rappler, and GMA News Online. She teaches environmental journalism at the University of the Philippines Diliman.
A headshot of Andrew Weaver.

Andrew Weaver

Andrew was a lead author in four Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessment reports. He is a Professor in Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria in Canada, former leader of the BC Green Party, and author of two books on climate change.
A headshot of Sarah Marie Wiebe.

Sarah Marie Wiebe

Sarah is an Assistant Professor of Public Administration at the University of Victoria in Canada and co-founder of the Feminist Environmental Research Network Collaborative. Her research interests are at the intersection of environmental justice and citizenship engagement, recently focusing on extreme heat exposure in Victoria’s Capital Regional District.
A headshot of Meg Wilcox.

Meg Wilcox

Meg is an Assistant Professor of Journalism at Mount Royal University in Canada and co-director of its Community Podcasting Initiative, which promotes podcasting as a way to amplify underrepresented voices. Her journalistic credits include iPolitics, CTV Ottawa, CKUA, Banff Centre Radio, and CBC Radio.
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