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We are an international teaching newsroom that works with people affected by climate change to share and investigate their stories.

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We believe the climate stories we tell, both big and small, have the power to unite people and make change.

A woman holds up a white plastic bucket in an unfinished basement with a very low ceiling.

Eyewitness Accounts

Read the testimonies of climate disaster survivors from around the world to better understand how climate change is affecting all of us.


We work with disaster-affected people using a trauma-informed approach that recognizes these are their stories — not ours.

CDP journalists are wearing masks and sitting across from a climate disaster survivor. One of the journalists reaches out to hold the survivor's hand.
A person in a large black coat stands on a wooden platform holding a long lense camera to their eye.

Empowering People

We listen closely to what climate disaster survivors say and investigate the problems and solutions they share with us.

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Do You Have a Story?

We’ll talk to you about how climate change has affected you and what you think can be done about it.

Patsy Gessey and Owen Collins look out towards Lytton where they lost their home during the 2021 Lytton Creek Fire. The next year, they faced fires again. (CDP/Jen Osborne)

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