Our Mission

Learn more about the Climate Disaster Project’s mission, vision, and values.

A close-up of a burnt, blackened tree trunk amidst poppies and other flora sprouting up from the ground.

Story. Community. Hope.

Climate change is already causing untold lives and livelihoods to be lost around the world. But too often there has been a failure to individualize and humanize the consequences of these disasters.

As a result, we can feel like climate change is something that’s happening somewhere else, to someone else, or to no one else but us – compromising our ability to form community and take action on the most pressing problem of our age.

The Climate Disaster Project is a solution to that problem. Based at the University of Victoria and led by faculty and students at post-secondary institutions around the world, our international teaching newsroom works with climate disaster survivors to share and investigate their stories.

We can survive this new age of disaster if we build empathy and solidarity around the experience of climate change. Because story creates community, and community creates hope.

Dian and Danie Brooks’s home was flooded during the 2021 atmospheric rivers that drenched the Pacific Northwest. (CDP/Jen Osborne)

How will we build a better future?


Your Stories

Your climate disaster story, no matter how big or small, can help others who have lived through similar disasters.


In Partnership

Our trauma-informed process recognizes this is your story not ours and gives you a voice over how it’s told.


Our Dedication

Our students and faculty are committed to sharing your story — and investigating the problems and solutions identified by disaster-affected communities.

Project Manifesto

“We are not being told these stories that are happening right now — the people whose lives are being lost and whose livelihoods are being taken away — we don’t realize they exist. Even if we are told, we feel as if they are too far away.”

- Greta Thunberg, Fridays for the Future founder, 2020

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