Please contact one of our coordinators if you’re interested in being part of the Climate Disaster Project or just have a question.

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Climate change is the defining experience of our age: from floods and fires to heatwaves and cyclones. Yet we don’t talk enough about these experiences with one another. The Climate Disaster Project would like to help you change that because your story, no matter how big or small, can help others who have lived through similar disasters feel less alone and encourage people to help others who have similar experiences.

If you’d like to share your story, we’ll talk with you about how climate change has affected you. We’ll then write an article about your experience in your own words, crediting you as its co-author. With your permission, we’ll share that article with our news media partners. And we’ll add it to the Climate Disaster Project’s online memory vault, along with a recording and transcript of your interview, so your story will be preserved for future generations.

But, before all that happens, you’ll be able to review the article and transcript to make sure we got everything right. That’s because this is your story, not ours. And we believe sharing it can make a big difference.